Christian Tanzer aka “ChrisiTee” has been deep in the skate scene in Vienna since the early 90′s. One part of Stil Laden, ChrisiTee has a unique style inspired by some of the great skate artist legends as well as famous Austrian painters like Klimt and Schiele. He has had shows all over Europe and produces art works for skateboard and snowboard brands. His personal inspiration comes from girl problems and other hardships he faces in life.
As he has gotten older, ChrisiTee has developed a passion and an appreciation for Viennese culture and history. He is involved in some music projects as well. You can find him a couple of days a week sitting in Stil Laden helping out little kids starting their skateboarding adventure.

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Karen Zierler

The concept for the skateboard deck is a painting using oil paint (underpainting, glazing and then alla prima) of The Magelena in a classical chiascuro but more post-modern emancipated interpretation. I feel the painting would bring together the concepts of assisting women in need and the religious support, as The Magdelena is a representative saint of women, who herself has been severaly misinterpreted throughout history.