Karen Zierler

Karen Zierler: „I support SOWOLDI in this project, having myself survived a violent
situation as a young woman, I understand the importance of providing
support for women in distress. Women suffer today from objectifiation,
submission, exploitation, and media manipulation more so today than in
the 20th century. Working toward solutions, and providing a saftey net
is of upmost importance.“

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Karen Zierler was born in Los Angeles, California. She studied oil
painting at the San Juan Capistrano School of Art for adults as a young
child where she learned to work with the pallet knife and brush, to
chose color pallets via color theory, and to appreciate perspective in
landscapes or the joys of still-life. As an early teen, she was sent to
study renaissance master-style glazing at a private studio in North
Hollywood, and continued to further her education throughout her life,
studying life drawing in Orange Coast College, and Art History at the
University of California. She is experienced in mixed media, charcoal,
color pencil, water color, and most especially oil painting. Her work
has vast range with influences from impressionism, contemporary realism
with a focus on „Lost and Found Edges“, fantasy, traditional landscape
and still life. Her work often uses a form of grisaille under-painting
followed by glazing and alla prima to envoke classical chiaroscuro.


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